Elevate your shop floor operations with cloud-native condition monitoring.

Utilize I0-Link to collect data and seamlessly process it in our IoT platform. The achtBytes IoT platform enables real-time monitoring of your machines and equipment. Access precise data from the cloud, empowering you to boost operational efficiency, pinpoint cost-saving opportunities, prevent expensive downtimes, and optimize maintenance proactively.

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achtbytes IIoT platform with full IO-Link integration


Easy! achtBytes is the IoT platform solution that uses IO-Link technology to enable organisations to get on with automation in no time. Just do it: Plug & Connect!



Enhance efficiency with achtBytes' cutting-edge features - real-time monitoring, granular permission concept, flexible dashboard experience, unique plug-and-play provisioning concept and more! Elevate your operations now.

  • Dashboards for Personalized Insights
    personalized insights with achtbytes IIoT platform

    Unlock the full potential of your sensor data and KPIs with individual and easily customizable dashboards. Uncover hidden opportunities through the right visualizations and analyses, propelling your business to the next level of automation.

  • Seamless Plug & Play Connectivity
    Plug and play connection-achtBytes-930x360px-20231106

    Streamline your setup process as sensors and actuators automatically configure themselves within 2 minutes. This effortless integration removes any barriers to rapidly expanding your system.

  • Deeper Insights supported by custom Analytics

    Harness the power of your sensor data by utilizing custom, user-friendly C# scripts to instantly convert raw data into actionable insights. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in this process.

  • Realtime Alerts and Notifications

    Easily set up personalized notifications for your critical systems with just a few clicks. Stay informed about crucial events without the need for constant checks, ensuring you can address issues promptly and efficiently.

  • Streamlined Distributed Provisioning

    Experience a hassle-free process for managing and deploying information and insights across multiple devices throughout your organization. Confide in the reliability of our system to keep your usage-scenarios up-to-date and performing optimally.

  • Real-Time Health Monitoring
    Health Status-achtBytes-930x360px-20231106

    Observe the current health status of your system and devices at a glance. Receive instant alerts on threshold overruns, ensuring you are always aware that everything is functioning optimally.

  • Flexible User Permission Concept
    Flexible user permission-achtBytes-9930x360px-20231106

    Take control of data access with our versatile user permission concept. Easily tailor access rights for different roles, ensuring secure collaboration and efficient workflows for your organization’s staff. 

  • Tailor-Made Workflows

    Craft your own customized workflows to effectively map crucial dependencies in the monitoring process with your sensors. This empowers you to optimize the monitoring procedures according to your specific needs and requirements.

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Achtbytes Use Cases

Empowering Efficiency: Discover peak shaving, enclosure monitoring & more use cases. Embrace new opportunities with data-driven decisions for your shop floor operations. 

Peak Shaving-20231113
Peak Shaving

Avoid incurring unnecessary electricity costs caused by load peaks. Stay informed at all times, allowing you and your staff to determine the optimal timing for turning on equipment. Shift power usage to a more cost-effective time.

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achtbytes IIoT platform for numerous use cases like enclosure monitoring
Enclosure Monitoring

The achtBytes monitoring solution focuses on continuous temperature monitoring within enclosures. By detecting early signs of temperature anomalies, we provide plant operators with an advanced warning service. 

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Energy & Power Monitoring-20231113
Energy & Power Monitoring

Identify areas where energy savings potential exists within your organization. Our monitoring system empowers you to pinpoint high energy consumption areas, allowing you to implement targeted strategies for cost-saving and sustainability.

Innovative Business Opportunities-20231113
Innovative Business Opportunities

Unlock new business models with achtBytes by sharing additional environmental information. Assets, such as ticket vending machines, billboards, or bus stops can provide valuable local data to explore fresh revenue streams and unique growth opportunities.

Machine Health Monitoring-20231113
Machine Health Monitoring

Are you aware of your equipment's efficiency and downtime? Uncover valuable insights by continuously monitoring your machines. Gain a deeper understanding of your equipment's performance and unlock new opportunities for optimizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Target  Actual Comparison-202311132
Target & Actual Comparison

Stay informed about your production targets with real-time insights. Set production targets and easily track live target/actual comparisons for the timeframe of your choice. Make data-driven decisions, ensuring you are on track to meet your goals and optimize production efficiency.

Let's find a solution for your application

Ready to revolutionize your operations? Contact us today to schedule an online demo and see how achtBytes can transform your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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