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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we aim to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to the most common questions about achtBytes.If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to make your experience with achtBytes as smooth as possible.

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achtbytes IoT platform faq
  • What is achtBytes IoT?

    achtBytes IoT is an easy-to-use IoT platform. Our cloud-native service makes automation in industrial environments easy and user-friendly. Extend your technology stack with these elements: IO-Link, virtual edge computing, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

  • What is the feature set of the achtBytes IoT platform?

    Essentially, achtBytes includes these functions: Configuration, parameterisation, data collection, asset management, alerts, dashboards, workflow editor and control of sensors and actuators (centralised-decentralised).

  • What is a VM?

    VM is the abbreviation for virtual machine. achtBytes enables the use of virtual EdgeBoxes to process the data of sensors and actuators on the shop floor. Advantage: A physical edge computer is not required. The IO-Link masters can be connected directly to the company's own server infrastructure via ethernet cable.

  • What happens after the two-month free trial?

    The test phase ends when the hardware is returned and your account is deactivated. If you use achtBytes beyond the two-month trial period, your account will be converted into a paying account with monthly costs starting at 65 €. (Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details).

  • Which IO-Link devices can I manage and control with achtBytes IoT?

    You can use any IO-Link device from any manufacturer. achtBytes is 100 percent compatible with the entire IO-Link ecosystem. Important: The prerequisite is that the achtBytes system is set up correctly with the two original achtBytes system components EdgeBox SCE 074 or virtual machine as well as the IO-Link master ifm AL-1352 (8-port) or AL-1350 (4-port).

  • What do I need to set up in order to use achtBytes platform?
    The prerequisite is that the achtBytes system is set up correctly with the two original achtBytes system components EdgeBox SCE 074 or virtual machine as well as the IO-Link master ifm AL-1352 (8-port) or AL-1350 (4-port).
  • Why do I need an IO-Link master?

    The IO-Link master is the bidirectional interface between the higher-level controller and the connected actuators and sensors. Equipping each individual actuator or sensor with this interface function does not make economic sense. The upstream connection of the master level in IO-Link applications is absolutely system-relevant for use.

  • Can I also buy hardware via achtBytes?

    The hardware that is essential for the achtBytes infrastructure can be purchased directly from us. These are the system components: EdgeBox SCE 074 and IO-Link master ifm AL-1352 (8-port) or AL-1350 (4-port). With regard to the sensors and actuators we are available to advise you with recommendations for suitable devices and sources of supply.

  • How long is the term for my achtBytes subscription?

    The contract initially runs for a fixed period of one year plus four weeks, calculated from the date of signing the contract. After this period, the contract will be renewed for a further year at a time unless it is cancelled in writing with six weeks' notice before the end of the fixed period.

  • How can I cancel my achtBytes subscription?

    You can easily cancel your subscription by e-mail or by post. Important: The cancellation must be in writing. The period of notice is six weeks to the end of the contract period.

    E-mail: order@achtbytes.com
    Postal address: achtbytes GmbH, Kolpingstraße 21, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

  • How do I pay for my achtBytes subscription?

    Payment is conveniently made by invoice. Payment must be made in advance on the first day of each month.

  • Do I have to use the IO-Link master specified by achtBytes or can I use my own IO-Link master?

    Each IO-Link master uses proprietary (in-house developed) software. For the achtBytes IoT platform and its cloud service, we have chosen marketable products from established manufacturers that can be integrated. Currently specified are: IO-Link master ifm AL-1352 (8-port), ifm AL-1350 (4-port) or Turck TBEN-L4-8IOL . Further IO-Link masters can be specified on request.

  • Can I only use the achtBytes EdgeBox or also other edge computers?

    Your achtBytes system works exclusively with the achtBytes EdgeBox or the installation of a virtual machine on your server infrastructure. The EdgeBox is the heart of the application. The software installed on it and your access parameters are configured individually for you or collaboration with you. This applies to every EdgeBox/VM that is to be integrated into the system. Currently specified is: achtBytes EdgeBox SCE 074